for The Art of Public Speaking, with Josh Davis PhD

I am so grateful I took the [Art of Public Speaking] class with Josh Davis. It gave me a framework that I can use and take with me for the rest of my life.

-Caesar Stovall, Brand Ambassador, Production Manager, Moët Hennessy


Great class whether you are new to public speaking or you do so every day for a living.

-Nate S.


This is not my first public speaking class but it can be my last 🙂 This course led by Josh really made an impact to my public speaking performance! It not only helped me to decrease my anxiety to a manageable and useful level, but it also taught me to raise awareness about what I am actually presenting. Finally the focus shifted from “all eyes on me” to what really matters – my audience and the content! I totally recommend this class to anyone who wants to not only be great in public speaking but also enjoy it! Plus – this class is so much fun!! (Note that I took the Sunday classes)

M.I., Mgr, Talent Management


Josh is an incredible instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of public speaking and has an uncanny ability to guide people out of their comfort zones to a place where they can really learn a lot about themselves. without prescription ! buy alli canada; cialis samples online! arimidex visa.

The course was exceptionally useful for me. Before arriving I thought public speaking was very black & white; either you were naturally good at it or you weren’t. Having taken the course I now have so many tools that I can draw from to help me prepare for those moments when you’re unprepared. This is something I did not realize was possible but Josh was able to walk us through the process in a very methodical and fun way. I also learned how to be comfortable in front of different types of groups from executives to analysts via the “Teacher Method.”

All in all this was a tremendously useful two days and could not be happier with the results.

– Alex Mejean. Real Estate Investment Professional.


The public speaking seminar at NLP of NYC provided me with both a paradigm shift and a tool box. Other public speaking courses fell short on one or both of these. Josh provided a safe but challenging environment for me to test the waters. I leave with a mindset that I can deliver powerful presentations and a toolbox filled with strategies to do so – thank you!

I successfully defended my dissertation on Tuesday! I can say that this should have been the most nerve-wracking presentation I have ever done and that was not the case simply because of the public speaking seminar! 
I used the teacher mindset and the fear/readiness timelines to get the job done and done well. The overall best technique for me is the fear/readiness timeline. Wow, did it work! Thanks to Josh for his thoughtful, thorough and fun approach to teaching us and thanks to all of my classmates in the public speaking seminar for working through our trepidations and uncertainties together. Your enthusiastic participation and support to me in my efforts helped me successfully defend! Many, many thanks!!! zoloft cost per pill zoloft price with insurance
I will be back for NLP, no doubt about it!

-Lisa Schumacher, Assistant Director, Special Programs & Services (Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit)


The Art of Public Speaking workshop significantly increased my level of confidence with any type of discussion or presentation in front of different audiences. I can apply the skills I gained in many areas of life beyond public speaking. I highly recommend this workshop to people who get anxious during presentations.

-Olga Kravets, MS, PA-C, CH


It is a very engaging class, that helps you explore all or the majority of the facets of public speaking. It helped me get out of my shell and communicate more easily in the group.

-P., Lead Software Developer


Josh is an amazing teacher and presenter. Very knowledgeable on the topic of NLP, Neuroscience and the art of public speaking. I have been involved in the filed of communication for many years and have learned many valuable tools and techniques I can use in the future. I definitely recommend this course for anyone who is interested in becoming a more powerful speaker and presenter.

– Eva L., Human Resources Professional, NLP Master Practitioner


Extremely helpful…walking away with a toolbox full of techniques I’ll start using right away: accessing the right state, overcoming stage fright, preparation check list, experimenting with body language. Priceless.

– Veronika, Management consultant


Josh was amazing, entertaining and informative. He really allowed us to connect to the material and the tools provided gave me the foundation and confidence to explore the space without fear and reach a new level of learning and experience.

-Paul D.


The public speaking course with Josh was a great introduction to public speaking. I feel like I now have the tools to use and grow as a speaker. buy after comparing prices. order deltasone without a prescription. how much does generic prednisone cost?

– James H.


As my first experience with NLP, I walked in not knowing what to expect, just only the hope that I can improve my speaking skills. The class, however, did so much more as it opened up a new way I can look at speaking. Instead of feeling like I had no control, I learned the tools from NLP to feel empowered about my ability to present. It has been a transformational experience, one that I would recommend to anyone who feels uneasy speaking in front of an audience. It is a much more in depth approach to why we do what we do and solutions for change. I’ve found the instructor, Josh Davis, to be very dedicated to his teachings and an excellent organization of content that seemed to pass time without realizing that 8 hours went by.

– Tatiana Shvachuck. Writer, & Founder and CEO of Enlightened Beauty – A company dedicated to empowering women through beauty, health, & wellness.


I decided to register for the course titled “The art of public speaking.” I must say that is was money well invested. I teach several classes myself and I found that this course helped me to polish my public speaking skills. Josh Davis is a very knowledgeable professional who knows how to make you feel comfortable while instructing you about different techniques. I hope there is a second part to this course, if that is the case I will definitely enroll.

– Kenny Ledee. RN MSN CPLC


Thanks so much to Josh for his wonderful class on the art of public speaking. Josh brings passion, understanding & humor to this excellent class which covers the many successful ways one can prepare for presentations of many types: From public speaking to small talk, or even go into a presentation un-prepared. I particularly found valuable the idea that a presentation should be a success for the presenter as well as the audience. In the final segments of the class where we performed specific exercises it was great to see how so many individuals who felt they were not successful presenters open up and blossom into successful presenters!

– Charles Mallea. Architect.


Josh is an amazing teacher with great energy. He pushes his students to their limits making them more comfortable and aware of their potential skills as public speakers. I am much more comfortable speaking in public now thanks to this class. Josh also manages really well to maintain an energetic group. Very lively, fun & helpful class to take. Good mix of theory & practice.

– Lara K. ICF certified Life Coach


I felt the program was really well designed. It’s not your typical “10 ways to be a better public speaker.” The program goes into the fundamentals of what makes one an effective speaker… be it for a formal presentation, or for a group meeting. The program goes deep into some unheard techniques of acquiring the right mindset, attitude, controlling anxiety that surrounds a public speaking event, etc. It was very valuable for me. It made me realize the potential within me. The science behind the program makes the program more effective.

– V.K. Head of tech, media and entertainment


I found this seminar to be incredibly helpful and really made me find a new/better approach to public speaking. The “teacher mindset” is especially helpful, where I now believe that I’m engaging with an audience (while presenting) in a way that allows for them to learn valuable information from me.

After practicing different ways to prepare for my future presentations, I now feel more confident in knowing that I’m much more capable of communicating to others than I originally realized. Based on the new techniques that I’ve learned from this class, I now look forward to putting these refined skills to good use – instead of dreading it (public speaking) like I did before.

Josh was very thoughtful, patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging – which is a hard balance to find with a group of strangers. I’d highly recommend him as an instructor and would be very willing to take more of his classes in the future.

– Abby Welter, Marketing and Communications at PPFA


This class was amazing – far exceeding my expectations. I fully enjoyed Josh’s style of engaging us – friendly, illuminating, enjoyable. The two days flew by. The only think missing is more of it!! I’d even like to repeat this course because it opened so many pathways for me to explore. I’m excited to go to work tomorrow to start incorporating these techniques. I now know that EVERY interaction is a PRESENTATION! Thanks, Josh!

– Jesse Lependorf, Freelance Creative Director at The Brand Union


[…] It’s so great to learn the art of public speaking from someone who is so great + natural at it – Thanks!

– Anonymous feedback


Josh made sure everyone felt important in class and was paid enough attention. I was delighted by the amount of new things I learned in only two days and how well I remember them, and thus can apply straight away. Considering his previous experience and my personal impression from the training, I would recommend him to both individuals and companies in need of training in public speaking. online pharmacy without prescription . valtrex vs generic where to buy ventolin inhalers article effectively not official deaths, such as pickup name, 

– Anonymous feedback


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